Welcoming Syrian Refugees

St. Bride's is sponsoring a Syrian family, who arrived on Dec. 31st, as described in an article entitled "Church Welcomes Syrian Refugees" which was originally published in the February 2016 edition of "The Anglican".

We are delighted to welcome the Al-Hussein family to Clarkson, and are very grateful for the leadership and efforts of our refugee sponsorship committee.

As Canon Stephen says, "I told the congregation on a Sunday morning, I think there's a lot of support for this, but before I sign on the dotted line I want to have a sense that we're going to be able to come up with the $40,000 that we're going to need to support this family in Clarkson.  By the next Sunday, we had $44,000."

"It's certainly changed the people who have been directly involved, in terms of feeling like this is a way of really putting faith into action.  It's impacted the wider congregation in that it has given them a chance to also share and make this happen."

You can read the full article on page 8 of the "The Anglican":


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