News from the Compass

The Compass is a community centre, food-bank and resource centre which St. Bride's supports as part of our Outreach ministry.  Below is the Compass's Fall 2012 newsletter:


Over 200 Attend the Halloween Fun Fair

St. Brides Annual Halloween Fun Fair - WOW! 200 plus people joined us for a lively afternoon with  many costumed little ones taking part in all the activities. We received lots of favourable comments about the party and that St Bride’s was reaching out and inviting our community to join us.  Thank you to all who helped out by contributing time, talent and donations - you made the afternoon a great success!  A special thanks to Sheelagh Reades, Lesley Nevins and the Evangelism Team who pulled the party and us all together.


Thanks for a great fall retreat (and a funny video)

We were blessed to have a wonderful retreat on Nov. 2-4, at Fairhavens Retreat Centre.  Our speaker, Clint Mix, challenged us to look at St. Bride's place in the community today and work to discern what God is saying to St. Bride's as a church.  It was thought provoking, entertaining, and the food was outstanding.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at next year's Annual retreat.

Amongst the more humorous clips he shared was the following (about the pitfalls of viewing churches through the eyes of consumers):

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