Pentecost Prayer Project: May 13th - May 19th


Thanks for an exceptional concert - Stainer's The Crucifixion

We were blessed to have a packed house for a wonderful concert on Palm Sunday afternoon.  Thanks to Arthur McGlashan, the Choir, our guest soloists, and all who helped make this such a special event.




Coupons for Compass


A great big “Thank you” to all those members of our congregation who emptied their kitchen drawers, back pockets and who-knows-where-else, to dig out all their forgotten Canadian Tire money.  Our modest campaign through the last months of 2012 yielded almost $100, mostly in amounts of 5c. and 10c. with a handful of dollar coupons thrown in for good measure – they must surely date from a time when the company was rather more generous with its coupons than it is now.

Not a vast sum may be, but here is an approximate list of items which Compass would not have received without your support:   3 bulk containers of laundry detergent, 12 bottles of dish washing liquid, 96 double size toilet rolls, and 17 boxes of facial tissue.   That’s not a bad haul for a very modest effort – thank you again.
With the wardens approval, the big collecting can will remain in the Narthex.  

While I anticipate that the collection rate will fall, as the coupons accumulate I will continue to buy supplies for Compass, and of course keep the congregation informed. 

Brian Dixon




News from the Compass

The Compass is a community centre, food-bank and resource centre which St. Bride's supports as part of our Outreach ministry.  Below is the Compass's Fall 2012 newsletter:


Over 200 Attend the Halloween Fun Fair

St. Brides Annual Halloween Fun Fair - WOW! 200 plus people joined us for a lively afternoon with  many costumed little ones taking part in all the activities. We received lots of favourable comments about the party and that St Bride’s was reaching out and inviting our community to join us.  Thank you to all who helped out by contributing time, talent and donations - you made the afternoon a great success!  A special thanks to Sheelagh Reades, Lesley Nevins and the Evangelism Team who pulled the party and us all together.